Uses and properties of Tungsten

Tungsten or commonly known as Wolfram in its pure form is a shiny white metal. Its purest form is very easy for processing because it is quite pliant and it can contain small amounts of oxygen and carbon. Since its properties allow the use of tungsten for great purposes, tungsten carbide round bar has the properties which make it simply perfect for making various special cutters, drill bits, engine special cutters, gravers and other similar machines and industrial devices. Tungsten bar can come in different sizes depending on what the bars are needed for.

This is the heaviest engineering material with an incredible density and resistance to heat. It is also very interesting that this is the hardest pure metal in the world. it can be used for numerous purposes but the best use is for the manufacture of cemented carbides or hard metals as they are commonly known.

These two elements give tungsten metal a considerable brittleness and hardness. A really interesting fact about it is that it actually occurs not in solid state but rather as a chemical compound with other elements in it as well. In fact, this is its natural state.

There are over 20 known tungsten bearing minerals so far and only two of these minerals can be used for industrial purposes and those two are scheelite and wolframite. Wolframite stands for manganese and iron tungstates in general. These bars are quite known for their abrasive resistance and bending strength. The reasons why so many industries are using tungsten is because it does not oxidize in air and it does not require any protection from oxidation at elevated temperatures. This is what it makes so convenient for different types of alloys and various combinations with other useful industrial elements too.