What Are The Uses Of Tungsten?

Tungsten comes from a Swedish word “Tung Sten” which means “heavy stone.” It has a gray – silver color, and it has a high resistance to acids and bases. Many scientists compare tungsten to diamond because of its hardness. This metal has a significant resistance to heat, and it is highly durable, which meant it could suffer a lot of pressure. Tungsten has found its application in many industries, especially in heavy industries. It has the highest melting point among all metals; this is one of the reasons why tungsten is so popular.


AlloysTungsten is used as a pure metal, or it can be mixed with other metals to make alloys. Alloys have unique properties, and they have various use in many industries. When mixed with cobalt and chromium, the stellites are produced, which has high wear – resistant performance. Stellites can be found in bearings, pistons and valve seats, as well as in applications that demand materials which have high resistant properties. Tungsten is also mixed with cobalt and nickel. Tungsten alloys are also used in medical industry when x – rays or radiation are involved in protecting the patients. They have also found their application in military or aero industry.

Tungsten and Steel

When tungsten is mixed with steel, it becomes stronger. Tungsten increases hardness and cutting capacity with steel. This meal is the principal component in steels used for tools and constructions. Steel alloys mixed with tungsten are used for cutting and in producing metal parts. In addition to this, tungsten contains high-temperature resistance which makes it perfect for this. Considering this is one of the hardest metal on earth when combined with steel, it gets excellent performances.


FilamentThe most famous use of tungsten is in light bulb filaments. This is one of the reasons why tungsten found such a broad application in lamp industry. This metal can tolerate high temperatures because it has the highest melting point among all metals. Tungsten has a low vapor pressure, because of this our light bulbs last that long and have increased luminosity. Tungsten is used in domestic lamps, vehicle lamps, and reflector lamps, but also for lamps which have a particular purpose. Considering the bulbs are under a lot of pressure and a high heat, it shouldn’t surprise us why this metal found its use here.

New technologies

Tungsten In the future, we can expect great things from tungsten. This is one of the rare metals which is non – toxic. Having in mind that global warming is a serious issue that is affecting our whole planet, tungsten may play a significant role in the following years. It doesn’t release a vapor, and it is not dangerous for our surroundings.

The need for cost – saving energy will increase in the future. We will demand efficient production, but we will need to decrease the consumption of energy. Tungsten will be able to meet these challenges in the following decades, and it will become one of the most demanding metal of the future.