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Tungsten is a chemical element which has a symbol W and atomic number 74. It has a gray – silver color when it’s found in a raw form. This metal is highly resistant to heat and very stable, this is one of the reasons why it is used in heavy industry. Tungsten has found many applications, and many factories have a high demand for this metal.

Medical and industrial radiation shielding

medical facilities use tungsten alloysTungsten has excellent shielding properties when the surroundings need to be isolated and radiation free. By having a high density, Tungsten is widely used in medical and radiation shielding industry. It can provide you protection and contains radioactive source, such as gamma ray protection. Many medical facilities use tungsten alloys for cancer therapy machines and as syringe protection when contaminated injections are applied. You don’t need a license for the use of tungsten alloy materials because it’s not toxic.

Tungsten copper composite

Tungsten copper compositeTungsten based composites have a strict production cycle which involves pressing, sintering and infiltrating. It is mixed with copper and silver. This material is highly resistant to heat and deformation. Tungsten alloys have an excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Because of its unique features, tungsten based composites have a large use in an electrical and thermal application. For example, in electric welding, like electrical contacts and as electrodes for EDM and ECM.

Tungsten counter weights

Counterweight has an extensive application, this a form of heavy alloy and it is used for oscillations and vibrations. They are used as important components in many different industries. Counter weights found their use in aviation and aerospace, as propeller and robot blades, automotive industry, balancing and chassis weights and balance of flywheels and turbines, watch and optical industry. These types of tungsten alloys are used in both situations, such as weight and structural members.

Tungsten Crucible

Tungsten crucible and other parts are used for sapphire crystals and rare melting because they are highly resistant to temperature, they have a low level of pollution and great features. Most of the factories make these tungsten crucibles based on drawings and client’s specifications and requirements. When you need to melt some rare metal at a high temperature, most of the factories use tungsten because it can resist high temperatures. Tungsten is one of the strongest metals, and many experts compare it to diamond, this is one of the reasons why it has found such a great application in industry.