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Tungsten is a metal which has found wide application in many industries. Because of its high heat resistance and strength, this is one of the most sought metals, and our company can provide you that.


Tungsten Dart Billets

They come in various sizes and contents. Between 70% and 90% of tungsten is used for making tips for barrels. We provide billets based on client’s needs. Our company also offers a large variety of tungsten alloys. If you have an interest in tungsten dart, tungsten dart bullets, dart barrels, you should request an inquiry, and we will give you an offer.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys

This type of material has a high content of tungsten and a moderate amount of Ni, Fe or Ni, Cu. In some tungsten alloys, other metals are added as well. They have one amazing feature, and that’s high density. Heavy alloys are used as a shield in nuclear radiation and as a syringe shield in the moto and electric industry.

Tungsten Balls

Since the Second World War, tungsten alloys have proven their worth in every industry. By having a Hyper – velocity and armor – penetrating use, our tungsten balls are located in spheres, cubes, and projectile shapes. Special techniques and additives give us an opportunity to create certain properties, like elongation, tensile strength, and hardness.

Features Of Tungsten Alloys

Tungsten is a metal discovered in the 17th century. Many scientists compare tungsten with diamond because of its hardness. It has a great heat resistance, and this is one of the reasons why this metal has found the application in heavy industry. Apart from this, this metal is non-toxic, and because of its extreme hardness, Tungsten is used as a high isolation metal against radiation. Many medical facilities have an equipment make of this metal, but it is also used in nuclear power plants.

Our Experts

Chao Li

Chao Li

He is our leading expert in tungsten alloy manufacturing. Under his watch, we produce high – quality alloys, making sure we satisfy all the quality standards. Considering many clients depend on our services, Chao Li aims to provide our customers the best services and reliable alloys which they can use in their industry.

Chen LoChen Lo 

When it comes to organizing production and making sure all the demands are meet, Chen Lo is our chief engineer for logistics. Considering we are one of the leading factories in China, our shipments are sent world – wide. Chen Lo enables shipping process, and every shipment is sent on time.

Cong DaCong Da

Is in charged in making products of tungsten alloy. We have a wide variety of products to offer our clients. He has more than 200 people working with him, while he monitors the production process. Each product goes through series of checkups to satisfy all the requirements of our clients.

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